The following are diverse media blogs from undergraduate and graduate students of DSU.

Blogs from our trailblazer graduates:

ally01Allison Hazel – Ally the Journalist
Founded in 2011 by DSU graduate Allison Hazel, Ally The Journalist is an online platform that highlights the culture surrounding underground and mainstream music.

To view Allison’s blog click here.


Amanda Alexander – Forevercars
Forevercars discusses everything you need to know about Nissan luxury cars from their history to new models and features.

To view Amanda’s blog click here.


Valprecious Davis – Chocolate Martha
Chocolate Martha is a weekly blog that focuses on sharing experiences, news, tips, and commentary surrounding culinary and social wonders.

To view Valprecious’ blog click here.

Blogs from our current students:

Jasmine Ford – Church Gurlz
Church Gurlz is a blog about fabulously redefining what it means to be a Church Girl.

Andrew Jackson – L’HOMME Journal
L’HOMME Journal is all about fashion, its essentials, and how to perfectly put together a head-turning outfit.

Andrew Ross – Sports Galore
Sports Galore provides information on all areas of sports regarding team scores, players, and even coaches.

Kyonna Forges – Thick, but FANCY
Thick, but FANCY is a fashion etiquette blog dedicated to full-figured females.

Christopher Bradwell – Both Sides of the Story
Both Sides of the Story gives advice on how to maintain a successful relationship by providing ideas of both men and women to act as one.

Kristyn Green – Chourses
Chourses is all about music’s position in political and social issues of today.

Cong Zhang – Cultural Integration
Cultural Integration is all about how to combine diverse cultures into like terms.

Lindsi Wynn – Beautface
Beautface is all about the elegance of beauty and how to properly utilize make-up to enhance one’s looks.

William Ballentine – Midnight Train to Good Music
Midnight Train to Good Music displays various artists from the 70s to the 90s and how music has impacted their lives.

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