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The Arts Deserve More Funding in Schools

Amirah Johnson            The inclusion of the arts in kindergarten through twelfth-grade education has demonstrated its value and importance by its positive effects on the cognitive and behavioral development of children. A research  study conducted by the Brown Center found, “in elementary schools that the arts positively and significantly […]

New Semester, New COVID-19 Testing Requirements  

Amirah Johnson  Picture of DSU (Delaware State University) Campus Image Source:  Delaware State University is starting its spring semester with new changes to its COVID-19 testing requirements for its staff, students, and faculty. On  January 7th  in a virtual forum , the university announced new testing requirements. Those who are fully vaccinated with their booster shot will test twice a week for the first two weeks of return. Then drop down to once a week. While those vaccinated, but not boosted are to test twice a week. Those unvaccinated will test three times a week.  […]