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New Semester, New COVID-19 Testing Requirements  

Amirah Johnson  Picture of DSU (Delaware State University) Campus Image Source:  Delaware State University is starting its spring semester with new changes to its COVID-19 testing requirements for its staff, students, and faculty. On  January 7th  in a virtual forum , the university announced new testing requirements. Those who are fully vaccinated with their booster shot will test twice a week for the first two weeks of return. Then drop down to once a week. While those vaccinated, but not boosted are to test twice a week. Those unvaccinated will test three times a week.  […]

DSU mandates COVID-19 Booster shot for all eligible returning students. 

Demetrius Johnson  Approximately two weeks before students’ re-arrival on campus, Delaware State University President, Tony Allen, sent out a school wide email announcing that students will be required to take the COVID-19 booster shot due to the rapid expansion of the Omicron variant.  According to Tony Allen,” For all, we request that your priority be to get the booster. The booster is our best chance to defend against […]