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Protest Breaks Out at Police Precinct, Following Deon Kay’s Murder

Jada McDowell On September 2, 2020, Deon Kay, 18 years old, was shot and killed by Alexander Alvarez, a Metropolitan police officer in Washington DC.   Police claimed that Kay was spotted with a firearm on social media before the incident occurred. Officers then obtained a warrant and went to pursue Deon and a friend. During the pursuit, Deon was spotted with the […]

BLM: Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, Files Civil Lawsuit Following Offer of Crooked Plea Deal

Jada McDowell On March 13, 2020, 26-year-old nurse, Breonna Taylor, was murdered while asleep in her residence. Louisville Police Department entered her home without warning and then exchanged gun fire with Breonna’s boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, which ended fatally. Louisville police entered with no-knock warrant, which basically gives them […]

The Milk Shortage

Erin Gordon Some dairy ranchers state that this episode of the Corona Virus  has prompted an overflow of milk as supermarkets and other nourishment retailers battle to offload their stock.  “We make a solid effort to make the milk each day, and we know there are individuals who […]