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Is College Worth The Cost?

By Sydnee Fairweather Education is an investment, whose return will take a lifetime, but most people will expect an immediate return in college education. This perspective makes college education seem more expensive than it actually is. Yes, college is worth the cost. College helps students transition into adulthood […]

DSU Career Fair 2022

Sabree Primus On Tuesday September 27, Delaware State University and The Office of Career Services presented “The Career Pathways Expo”. The event took place in the Martin Luther King student center on the 2nd floor and it was a huge success. This semi-annual career fair is geared to […]

The Metaverse: What to Expect In 2022

  Kammari Teeter                               The metaverse is a virtual reality-space in which users can interact with a computer-generated environment, other users, and  digital platforms.  The metaverse is a place where you can invest in virtual land, NFT’s or tokens, create a 3D avatar, meet new people anywhere, build, explore and play in […]