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Mandatory Mass Communications Student Meeting Recap

Raven Quander

On Thursday November 9, 2023 the entire Mass Communications Department hosted a mandatory student meeting where all of the heads of the Department gathered to connect with the students in the major.

The meeting, unlike most mandatory events, was not just for informative purposes, but served as a way for all of the students to get to meet the full time professors that teach in Mass Comm. Students were also granted the opportunity to hear from some of the student organizations inside of the Mass Communications Department, such as DESU-TV, and yes, our very own Hornet Newspaper.

The Professors and Department staff in attendance also referenced an up and coming mentor to mentee program, where faculty members would be partnered with students in order to provide more support to students who are not bale to connect with their academic advisors. This program will help to serve as a way to guide students to ensure that they are on track to graduate at the date of their expected graduation according to their credits.

The leaders of the Mass Comm Department stated that they hope to have these meetings on a more regular basis in order to check on their students and their progress, as well as allowing them the opportunity to connect with other students in the same major to work of projects together.

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