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 Swift/Kelce Duo Ruining The NFL’s Viewership?

Zavian Johnson

The NFL season has been under way for a little over a month now and the storylines are heating up each week as the season goes on. So far, the Philadelphia Eagles and San Francisco 49ers are the only two teams remaining that are undefeated with both sitting at 5-0 heading into week six.

The Dallas Cowboys were steamrolled on Sunday night by the 49ers 42-10, which sparked a lot of memes by opposing fans. But through all of that, there is one headline that still has the media in a buzz and not in a good way for NFL fans. 

The Swift/Kelce duo…no, not Eagles players, D’andre Swift and Jason Kelce, but Kelce’s brother, Chiefs Tight End, Travis Kelce, and pop icon Taylor Swift. The two were rumored to be dating earlier last month by Jason Kelce on his and Travis’s podcast, “New Heights”.

Travis Kelce + Taylor Swift

It all started when Kelce attended one of Swift’s concerts during her Eras tour back in July. Soon after he slid in her DM’s and tried to give her his number. 

Kelce denied rumors and refused to speak on it until the jig was up and he confirmed that he and Swift were dating. Soon after the NFL social media pages have been flooded by Taylor Swift content, which fans are starting to get aggravated by. 

But what do students have to say about this relationship and how it affects the viewership of the league? I asked Daniel Saez, Jayden Thomas and Ryan Johnson, all students at DSU about it. 

Swift performing at Eras tour

Saez said this: “Honestly bad because it takes away from the game. I saw them showing people trying to score, talking about stats and stuff, but all I see is Taylor Swift celebrating because Travis Kelce scored a touchdown, so not really good”.

“I feel like it’s good in a way because it gives more people an opportunity to see the NFL for a different side but they still are real people. It gives Taylor Swift fans a reason to watch football which would bring more media attention towards the NFL which is good in that aspect but also bad because it takes away from the football aspect of the game and has them focus on their relationship,” said by Thomas. 

Johnson replied when asked the same thing: It’s amazing. It’s gonna bring a whole lot of new people to the NFL, maybe new people that watch the game or even play. This is all good stuff for the NFL”. 

The Swifties have taken over the NFL, but for how long? That we will have to wait and see. Kelce and the Chiefs will be in action this Thursday as they host the 1-4 Denver Broncos at 8:15 pm EST time on Amazon Prime Video. 

All eyes on Taylor Swift

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