The new iPhone 15 

Kalia Lindsey

Apple released the newest iPhone on September 22, 2023.  The iPhone was released in three different forms, iPhone 15, iPhone 15 plus, and the iPhone 15 pro. The new iPhone 15 is going for no less than $1,199. 

The iPhone 15 in pale colors.

Compared to the iPhone 14 released last year, the iPhone 15 has had some upgrades. The iPhone 15 has a longer standing battery and can last all day and is offered in paler colors. 

Apple phones had the lightening port for the last decade. iPhone 15 pro max contains a USB type-C port at the bottom of the phone. This will be used on both ends of the charger. 

The iPhone 15 compared to the iPhone 14

The iPhone 15 camera has improved since the iPhone 14. It has upgraded lens that is now 48-megapixel sensor. This will cause for accurate colors to be shown through the camera, a better vision for nighttime, and sharper images. 

The size of the iPhone 15 is the same as the iPhone 14. No major design changes, structural changes, or changes in material happened. It has slight differences in weight and length and width compared to the iPhone 14. 

According to Chantelle Clark from T-Mobile, “the new iPhone has already sold out in stores. It was available for pre order on September 15, 2023.” 

Chantelle’s T-Mobile store has gotten over 150 iPhone 15 in every color and type of phone. These are the phones that are for sale and pre-ordered. They are expected to sell out within the week. 

The iPhone 15 Pro max

The store will have to order more phones. Apple is on a back end with shipping out iPhone 15 to stores since they are in high demand, says Chantelle. 

“The price of the iPhone 15 is expensive, and many people are ready to trade in their iPhone 14 just to get it at a lower price, while their phone is still worth something.” Chantelle added that if you trade in your iPhone 14 you could get up to $200 off the price.

T-Mobile hit peak season when the new iPhone drops, according to Chantelle. New customers come over to the company and get the phone and the workers get great commission from that. 

T-Mobile offers deals for new customers and “If you join the network for the first time, we will offer a free phone on us.” This deal is still up and running for the iPhone 15. 

“The iPhone 15 is keeping us busy at work and is in high demand momentarily,” said Chantelle. 

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