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The 23-24 NFL Season Is Off to A Fiery Start

Zavian Johnson

The NFL has kicked off its 104th season this year, which is a very exciting time of year for fans. Every year fans hope that their team wins the Superbowl and etch their name into history.

Besides Dallas Cowboys fans, who think it’s their year every year.

There are new faces in new places with star quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who will be playing in a new shade of green with the New York Jets. Unfortunately, he is out for the season after suffering a torn achilles vs Buffalo week one.

Believe it or not but, this will be the first season in over 23 seasons that Tom Brady will not be suiting up for any team after the 46 year old announced his retirement for the second time at the conclusion of last season, which starts a brand new generation of quarterbacks such as Justin Herbert, Lamar Jackson, Joe Burrow and Josh Allen.

But what about the reigning Super Bowl champs, the Kansas City Chiefs, led by MVP QB Patrick Mahomes? Well, the Chiefs suffered a shocking 21-20 loss to the Detroit Lions week one in the season opener. Questions quickly emerged about the Chiefs’ credibility to win the Super Bowl once again this year.

However, the Chiefs bounced back with two back-to-back wins over the Jacksonville Jaguars and the Chicago Bears to improve to 2-1. That is sure to make Taylor Swift ecstatic as she supports her new flame, Travis Kelce, from the stands.

But which teams are students rooting for? Jayden Thomas, Brandon Marshall and Jaon Harris, all students at DSU, had some feedback to say about their teams after three weeks into the new season.

Thomas, who is a Carolina Panthers fan, had this to say when asked about his feelings towards the team after a week three’s loss to Seattle and if they can improve this season: “No. Realistically no. I feel as if our quarterback is unprepared, he’s undersized. He could be a better quarterback later down the line, but this year is not his year, we’re in a rebuild.”

Marshall had this to say about his beloved Seattle Seahawks when asked the same question. “I’m excited for my team. I think we can go to the playoffs. I don’t think we can win the whole thing but, if we do, then I’ll have myself a front row seat. Our rookies are looking good, our team looks good.”

Brandon Marshall with his Seattle Seahawks wallet

Harris, who is a die-hard Cleveland Browns fan, had this to say about his team after week three: “I’m feeling great, I don’t think anyone can mess with us. Of course after we destroyed the Ravens, and this school is full of Ravens fans, they have been talking the most smack. The Steelers, we’ll be back for them because they’re not that great. But everything is going to place and we’ll be a playoff contender team.“

Zavian Johnson’s wall with his Washington Commanders apparel HTTC!

We’re only three weeks into the season and things are heating up and everyone is here for it. Football is truly America’s sport!

Whose your favorite team?

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