DESU-TV’s First Interest Meeting of the Semester

Keyoco Williams

DESU-TV Lead Crew Members: (L-R) Brooke Malson, Collin Hunt, Kammari Teeter, Yaren Kandaz

On Monday, September 11th, Delaware State University’s official television station ‘DESU TV’ held its first interest meeting of the fall semester. The meeting began at 6:00pm in the television studio, located within the ETV building. 

Production Coordinator of the Mass Communications department, Zak Kimball, states “the main purpose of the meeting was to get together everyone interested in participating in DESU TV. We want to give students an understanding of what we do, what we’re involved in, and what opportunities are available. It was also to lay out the expectations so once students commit, we have a smooth process.” 

Zak Kimball, Production Coordinator

Students from all classifications filled the television studio on Monday evening, eager to learn about the roles available. Many more students expressed interest after the meeting to the extent that members of DESU TV decided to schedule a second virtual interest meeting the following weekend. 

“The next stage we’re moving into is getting students trained beginning next week. We have a series of training sessions coming up for those that signed up during the meeting. Training will be on being on camera, behind the camera, working within the studio, and on social media etiquette,” Kimball says. 

Students that were unable to participate in the recent interest meetings are encouraged to attend the next interest meeting starting in the beginning of the spring semester. DESU TV is thankful for those students who participated in this fall semester’s interest meetings and sends a warm welcome to all of their new members. 

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