Delaware State University Honors Late Senator Holloway Sr. 

Jamir Stewart

Dover, DE – Delaware State University hosted a collection exhibition in honor of Senator Herman M. Holloway Sr. on September 13, 2023.

Senator Holloway Sr. was raised in Wilmington, DE and attended Howard High School. He was Delaware’s first African American legislator and first African American elected Senator. 

Senator Herman M. Holloway Sr. 

Senator Holloway Sr. was represented by a few members of his family at the collection, one of them being state legislator Herman M. Holloway Jr, his eldest son. 

When asked what he wished his father is most remembered by, Holloway Jr. responded “for his good, godly compassion… if somebody was getting taken advantage of and couldn’t fight for themselves, Dad would get in it… and give some help.”

Items of the late Senator on a display wall.

The exhibition was put together by Delaware State University’s art gallery staff and the university’s spokesperson, Carlos Holmes.  

Mr. Holmes had this to say: “I am proud that (Holloway Jr) asked Delaware State University to maintain and archive the Herman Holloway Sr. collection. That is a great honor (for the university) … Senator Holloway is a great part of Delaware State history because he was the one who wrote the legislation, sponsored the legislation along with representative Nancy Wagner to elevate … Delaware State University, and so he will be always part of Delaware State history.”

Spectators viewing items on a display wall of the late Senator.

The event lasted a little over an hour where multiple people spoke in honor of Senator Holloway Sr. and presentations of the news articles that announced his winning of House chair.

Senator Holloway Sr. was sworn into the House of Representatives of Delaware after a chair had become open. Not even being in office 10 days, Senator Holloway Sr. addressed his House colleagues about House Bill 466, a bill to do away with segregation in public schools. Then-Gov. Elbert Carvel signed it into law. The following year, he was elected state Senator. 

Interesting facts on display for late Senator Holloway Sr.

Senator Holloway Sr. had advocated hard for health and social services. In his honor there is a state hospital in Wilmington named after him, Herman M. Holloway, Sr. Health and Social Services.

Senator Herman M. Holloway unfortunately passed away in 1994 after a battle with cancer. He will always be part of this university and state’s history and legacy.

Continued interesting facts on display for late Senator Holloway Sr. 

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