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 DSU ‘Entity Models’ Host Tryouts

Zavian Johnson

The DSU Entity Models held tryouts last week from September11-14 to try and bring out the confidence in students and know their character. 

Christina Joseph & Namoi Juleau

But what makes a great model? Is it the confident walk down the aisle? The nice slim figure? 

Two young ladies who are determined to fulfill their modeling dreams gave their opinions.

Christina Joseph majors in criminal justice. When asked about why she wants to become an entity model and whether she will carry on with modeling in the future, she said,  “I wanted to try out because I saw that it was very diverse and I wanted to bring what I had to show to the table. I do plan on modeling in the future and hopefully, I can learn more in this org.” 

Naomi Juleau majors in business management. On any advice or takeaways from her experience that she could pass on to other young ladies who want to model, she said, “My advice would be to go out there. It doesn’t matter if you don’t think you can do it because you can. They’ll teach you everything, it’s okay to fall, just get right back up.”

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Entity Models standing in line at the tryout

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