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DSU Wing Night

Shad White

Delaware State University students look forward to Thursdays.

Wing night is when Conrad Café makes different flavors of chicken wings every Thursday night.

September 14 was the campus’s latest wing night where BBQ and Buffalo-flavored chicken wings were served. 

Wing night brought out many Delaware State students so many that it was a line almost out the door. While inside you could witness smiles, laughs, and students enjoying chicken wings. 

Mr. Pringle, a sophomore on campus, who is familiar with the school’s weekly wing night states, “Wing night is the only time when I look forward to eating in Conrad because I know for a fact what the wings are going to taste like.”

 Though wing night seems like such a big hit, others believe that it can get repetitive. 

Ms. Gist, a student of DSU States: “Since I came to the very first wing night this year it’s always been the same flavors.”

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