DSU is reinstating it’s parking permit enforcement

Grace Deer

Starting on September 18th, parking permits for all faculty, staff, undergraduate and graduate students on both the main, as well as downtown campus, will be enforced for the 2023-2024 academic year. The current cost of a parking permit per year is $70.00, it will expire August 31st, 2024.

The parking permit alert sent to the university community states that once a permit is purchased, you’re able to print out a temporary permit and place the temporary permit on your driver’s side dashboard. Those who are not displaying their temporary permit will be ticketed or towed at the owner’s expense. The alert concluded that all vehicles that do not have a parking permit will be ticketed.  

“Having to pay $70.00 every year for four years on top of everything else, is going to be a lot of money; $70.00 gets me a full tank of gas,” said freshman Kelvin Perez. “Commuters are constantly off and on the campus, but mostly off, whereas the students who are living on campus mainly stay on campus. If a commuter’s car were to be towed, they would be stuck,” Perez concluded. 

Students who are purchasing the universal parking passes are able to access parking in lot 1, 3, 4, 9, 10, 16, 19, 24, 25, Living and Learning Commons, DSU Downtown and University Courtyard. Faculty and staff permits are for designated lots- you’re only able to access parking in the designated lot which you applied for.

According to Delaware State University’s website, parking is free for faculty and staff who register their vehicles in either lot 1 or 16. 

Parking permits can be ordered through If you’re having trouble printing your temporary permit, the police department is able to assist you between 9 a.m.- 3p.m. 

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