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DESU Radio Station holds its 2nd interests meeting with over 60 students in attendance

Kalia Lindsey

DESU radio station held its 2nd interests meeting since the rebranding from covid 19. There were over 60 DSU students in attendance.

Xamara the station manager and Kormasa a member from the station

The advisor of the station Ava Perrine and the station manager Xamara Coleman expressed that their major goal is to expand the radio station and put in a lot of work to get more recognition on campus. 

According to the station manager the radio station will have an official live slot on the ‘In the mix’ ‘radio’ station. In the mix radio offered DSU students a slot at 9pm on every Friday, starting in October, 2023. The station will be able to upload a video episode for everyone to watch. 

The radio station recently had a collaboration with SGA new electors on campus. Mrs.Perrine came up with this collaboration to get the station back in the campus eye. The radio station will be the media outlet for career services on campus. 

DESU Radio station room

The radio station is open to all majors, “as long as you are a student who is committed, open, and want to grow with the station,” according to Xamara. There are students majoring in business working in the station. 

Mrs. Perrine advised “you don’t have to know how to work any equipment, just come ready to learn, make sure you take advantage, and make sure to connect.”

The radio station offers plenty of opportunities, Xamara said, as a member in the station “you can get internships, leadership opportunities, access to knowledge, and being more known on campus.”

The station will hold other interests meeting to give more students a chance to join for the 2023-2024 academic school year. 

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