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Delaware State University’s Yearly Org Fair

Serenity Shelton

Dover, DE – Thursday, August 31st, 2023, Dozens of Delaware State University on-campus organizations gathered from 12pm-4pm at the MLK outdoor areas to promote their organizations.

MOCA & GB Members

Though the sun was scorching and shining bright, students still filled the areas to check out the many different organizations Delaware State has to offer.

Humorous bickering between all-male organizations, MOCA, and The Godbrothers of DE of them repping, and hyping their organizations.

“Question of the day,” E.L.I.T.E. President Serenity says: “What org are we with?”

“Big M’s,” Members of MOCA chant.

“All it takes is one,” said GB members.

There were many things to see while browsing at the org fair.

1Entity Modeling Troupe Members at the Org Fair

There were a plethora of organizations for people
who enjoy poetry, dancing, African culture,
modeling, stepping, fashion, nursing, Muslim
religion, women empowerment, male
empowerment, community service. The list
continues, but there is something for everybody on this campus.

Some people representing their organizations brought light snacks, drinks, and candy to their tables for those who may be interested in their group.

All in all, this was a great event for people to network and gain a new sense of what their campus has to offer.

Men of Color Alliance and Educated Ladies Igniting True Essence members

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