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DSU Students Adjusting to Commuting Across Campuses 

Shad White

August 28th was the first day of school for DSU students and for some, who reside in off-campus housing, commuting to the main campus has been challenging. Some of the students complain about the shuttles and how they feel isolated from the rest of the campus. 

Mr. Benton, a student who is housed downtown states, “Living downtown is weird; being away from the main campus makes me feel left out. 

While only a shuttle ride away, Mr. Benton still feels he is missing a connection to his university and feels he is losing out on his college experiences because of where his dorm is located.

DSU’s downtown campus doesn’t just affect the students living there, but also the students who have classes at the downtown campus.

Mr. Mobley, a student who is housed on the main campus, frequently visits downtown to attend classes. When asked about the shuttles DSU provides, Mr. Mobley states “The shuttles are unreliable. The shuttles are never on time, so I must plan, so that I won’t be late for class.”

As the semester comes along, it is expected that students will begin to adjust to the realities of their communtes and become better adjusted to life on the campuses.

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