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The First Dormitory Health and Wellness Check of the Fall 2023 Semester

Keyoco Williams

DSU Downtown Carpenter Hall Building

During the first week of the fall semester, DSU students were notified about the first dormitory health and wellness check of the semester. 

The first check began Sunday, September 3rd through Wednesday, September 6th from 10:00am to 10:00pm. Dormitory health and wellness checks are performed bi-weekly each academic semester. 

Resident Assistant (RA) of DSU Downtown Carpenter Hall, Nicole Fogle, describes a health and wellness check as “an inspection to ensure that students are upholding the policy that they’ve agreed to upon moving into the dormitories.” 

“Basically, the resident assistants will scan each dorm room without invading the privacy of students by going through their personal items. If an item such as a prohibited cooking item is spotted, they will fail the room inspection and have 24 hours to get everything rechecked to pass the inspection. If drugs or alcohol are spotted, they will be disposed of and a write up will be given,” says Fogle. 

DSU students were also required to complete their roommate agreement forms given by their assigned RA during the first week.

“Roommate agreement forms are completed once a semester during the first dormitory health and wellness check. It helps in getting roommates acquainted and it starts dialogue between them on important topics for a healthy roommate relationship. The main focus is to make sure that everyone is doing well and is satisfied with their assigned roommate,” Fogle says.

Johana Campos, a freshman dorming at DSU, was asked to share her thoughts on her first dormitory health and wellness check experience:

“This is my first time dorming and the dormitory check was an easy going experience. I really appreciate how the agreement form started a necessary conversation between me and my roomate. It overall made us feel more comfortable,” she says. 

DSU students are encouraged to reach out to their assigned RA if they have missed the opportunity to complete their roommate agreement form. Also, students are encouraged to refer back to the Department of Residential Education Policies packet they have received. Additional information is shared to ensure students’ housing experience is a successful one as they transition into a new phase of life. 

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