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Tubman Hall freshmen adorn their rooms to suite their different tastes 

Grace Deer

Three Delaware State University students have opened their dorm rooms to bring MTV Cribs to DSU. 

The entrance of Tubman Laws Dormitory

Specifically, the three students who kindly displayed their rooms are Godiva Bartley, Shamai Johnson, and Chisom Kakie (preferably Chis). All three of these students are incoming freshmen who reside in the Tubman Laws dormitory. 

“I really pick up anything pink. I love a simple, modern look with a pop of color, preferably pink,” said Bartley, “My whole room kind of does match my hair, my whole personality and my whole vibe.” 

Allowing their space to be as blank as their slate, is their way of starting college off with ease. “I don’t like a lot of stuff, just necessities,” said both Kakie & Johnson. 

Despite these three students having opposing styles, they all can agree on one thing. All three of these students have attempted to replicate their rooms at home, feeling at home in their space was very important to them. “I love my photo wall because it’s just like the one I have at home. Most of the time I admire my room, it reflects my inner self,” said Bartley. 

Customizing their dorm rooms is just the first step towards making their mark. Yes- it may be their home away from home, but students at Delaware State are putting a unique spin on their space. 

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