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Labor Day: DSU Edition

Trinity Brooks

This past weekend several Delaware State Students had their three-day weekend in observation of Labor Day. We all got the chance to either go home, relax, or spend time with friends.

DSU didn’t hold any event specifically for Labor Day, but students took the opportunity to cook on the grill and just enjoy their time off with friends.

In the University Courtyards, you could see students cooking on the grill, hanging out with their peers outdoors, and playing basketball on the basketball courts.

Lawrence Taylor, a senior at Delaware State University said, “It was a good day, I got some hamburgers and hotdogs, ran some errands, and cooked.” 

At the Village Apartments, there were also people hanging out around campus, cooking on the grill and just spending time with friends.

There were also fireworks at Bally’s, which is directly across the street from campus, and students had the opportunity to come outside or enjoy the view from their room.

The students who stayed here on campus had many ways that they could make their day enjoyable.

Anais Menefee, Junior at Delaware State University said, “My Labor Day was a regular day for me this year. Me and the Whole CSA board had our photoshoot and then me and my friends spent the day together eating food and watching Love Island USA.”

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