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Delaware State Students’ Dorm commute affects their attendance.

Kalia Lindsey

Two Delaware state students, Ashley Spence and Madison Henry, both live off campus and have trouble going to campus for events. 

Both girls miss campus events because of where their dorms are located. Ashley is located on the off-campus apartments and Madison is located on the Wesley campus. 

Ashley Spence stated, “I live off campus with no vehicle.”  While she did report that it was easy for her to get to class, it affects her when she must commute to campus activities. 

Delaware State University off-campus apartments

As for Madison, she doesn’t live on campus now, but she does have a car. Its only easy for her to get to classes because they are virtual. Madison also reported that her commute affects her campus activities. 

Delaware State University Downtown Campus

Ashley must walk back and forth to campus from her off-campus apartment. It has come down to her having to miss out on campus activities. 

While Madison does drive, its not always ideal because of gas and finding parking on campus. She lives 13 minutes away from campus and can’t drive back and forth for events. 

Both girls’ dorm room situations have affected their commute to and from school. 

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