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From MTV To DSU: Brooke Malson Drops Her First Episode of DSU Cribs

By Milan Brown

Brooke Malson, Sophomore , Founder of DSU Cribs and producer of DESU TV

Brooke Malson, sophomore, on Friday ,September 1st, 2023 released the first episode of her new show, DSU Cribs, via Youtube.  She interviewed Jalyn Gray,  a resident on the second floor of Tubman, who gave  a room tour, organizational tips, and her inspiration on the theme of her living space.

Gray gave us a look around in her closet, kitchen area, and bed area. During her interview,  Gray was asked “What was your inspiration on your room?” She responded ” I like minimalistic style. I made a vision board of everything I liked from various media outlets, and  picked from there.”

DSU Cribs was founded by Brooke Malson during her spring semester of freshman year. The show is based off a show  called MTV Cribs, featuring tours of celebrities homes. She pitched her show to DESU TV, which she is now a producer of as well.

Brooke and Jalyn on DSU Cribs

Speaking on what’s behind DSU Cribs and purpose, Malson said  “The reason I decided to create this show is because we don’t see students dorms  on campus, unless you know them. I wanted to find a way to show case students personalities and creativity.”

As we are still settling into our homes away from homes, DSU Cribs is your outlet to put your unique personality and creativity into the spotlight . Will you be next?

For more Information follow them on instagram @DSUCRIBS and subscribe to their youtube channel @DSU Cribs.

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