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The Org Fair Returns with a Bang

Raven Quander

The outside patio of the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Center (MLK) was filled with students this past Thursday, August 31st, in celebration of the annual “Org Fair.”

The Org Fair, short for Organizational Fair, allows for all of the organizations on campus to advertise their community and make it more visible to the student body. Delaware State University reportedly has over on campus student organizations open to the student body.

With so many organizations to be a part of, it is no surprise that their is a wide variety of diverse groups for students to join. Some of these groups including Muslim Student Association (MSA), Fairy God Sisters, Men of Color Alliance (MOCA), Spoken Word Artists United (SWAU), and many more. While some of these organizations are open to any student who wishes to sign up, others are application based, such as the on-campus Greek life.

A lot of the student presidents of each Org got to the site earlier to set up each of their unique tables for the students to see. There were tables decorated with balloons, trifold boards, and a lot of tables providing snack and ice flavors for people interested in joining. 

If you happened to have missed the Org fair and want to get involved in more campus activities, information on each organization at DSU can be found through Engage, as well as their individual Instagram pages. 

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