Rising DC Clothing Designer takes over DSU Campus

Kiaira Wheeler

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Trahmon Harris is a well-known Washington, D.C. native best known for his clothing line “Forever Chasin.” In addition, Trahmon has participated in events at Delaware State Campus. For instance, he has appeared at DSU black market and Fashion Show. Because of all his successes throughout the years, I was able to interview Trahmon and learn about his path to developing his brand and life.

Kiaira: Where were born, and what was your upbringing like?

Trahmon Harris: “I was born in DC. My upbringing was a little rough; we didn’t have anything, but you know, that’s what inspired me to make a way, and that’s what pushed my clothing brand, too.”

Kiaira: Who has been the most significant influence in your life that has impacted the man you are today?

Trahmon Harris: My most significant influence has been my father. He’d be helping me with everything, giving me good advice, and teaching me the game. But, of course, he has his own business, so he is just teaching me little stuff and, you know, how to move things and what to do.

Kiaira: Can you tell us your education history and your goals or life ambition when you were a high school/college student?

Trahmon Harris: For education-wise elementary and middle school, I went to Trinidad Center City Public Charter School, Trinidad, and then for high school, I went to McKinley Tech. In high school, I wanted to do Coding and be a video game programmer. So, I came to college, majoring in computer science, and I’ve been working at that.

Kiaira: Was it difficult for you to manage your business when Covid came?

Trahmon Harris: When covid came, that’s what pushed me to start making the brand, so I can’t say it negatively impacted me or anything. It was more positive because it forced me to do my own thing and be my boss and entrepreneur.

Picture by photographer @migolex. shots

Kiaira: What kind of advice would you offer a student planning to build a clothing brand?

Trahmon Harris: The whole message of my clothing brand is to push other entrepreneurs, rappers, and whoever likes trying to do their own thing to get to the money and be a boss and make some money. I want to push people because I know they have potential, and I like some clothing brands in DC, and everybody from DC has a side business, and it makes me want to influence others to branch their creativity.

Kiaira: If you could sell your clothing line to a celebrity, who would you choose and why?

Trahmon Harris: I would still like to sell my merch to my favorite rapper Lil Baby. He got a big name. He makes good music. He is fresh, and I like his drip so I would give my merch to Lil Baby.

Kiaira: Have you encountered any difficulties in developing your brand? If so, how did you overcome the obstacles?

Trahmon Harris: Every clothing brand is going to have obstacles. Usually, I don’t try looking at the challenges or something terrible, but more like a learning process, so if I am not getting sales to be like Dang, how can I? What I need to do is get deals. What I did this day to get that sale, like just different types of stuff, motivated me to do pop-up shops; that’s how I will be trying to get deals; I try to do more of that. I do more fashion shows to show my stuff. It’s just about problem-solving and trying to be out there more.

Kiaira: How would you describe your life philosophy? How do you perceive yourself in this life, and what ideals keep you anchored and going forward?

Trahmon Harris: My life philosophy is (Forever Chasing) like living my brand. I’m hoping to chase my dreams, help others pursue their dreams, give back to the community and help young entrepreneurs to build their brands off the ground.

Picture by photographer @migolex. shots

Kiaira: What are your friends’ thoughts on you expanding your brand?

Trahmon Harris: All my friends like my clothing brand. Everybody is trying to help me, which is why I appreciate all my friends. They are supportive and motivate me. I don’t like being the smartest, making the most money, or being the hardest working in the room because you always need somebody to motivate yourself. So that’s why I am blessed to have my friends to help me more with my business, so I appreciate it.

Kiaira: What do your customers purchase the most from your brand?

Trahmon Harris: My customers purchased the Forever Chasing racks hoodie order forever with the Monopoly man on it between the two hoodies the most purchases. I sell around

200-300, and my customers like them the most. The hoodies on my website were the first ones that dropped, so I knew that would be a great way to start my brand.

Kiaira: Have you considered collaborating with other clothes designers in the future?

Trahmon Harris: I’ve been trying to work on collabs, but you must ensure everything is correct. With that, it’s the business side, too, so you don’t want to do it because I have friends or anything. You got real make sure everything is correct, everything is settled and agreed upon, and nothing changes. Get the design and all that. It will take time, but I want to work with some other clothing brands; the one in mind is probably Vanity; my friend Swank (Mathias Peoples) is the one who put me on, so if I make something, I know that it will go crazy.

Trahmon is modeling his newest hoodie, ” Forever Chasin Rackz”

Kiaira: Is it challenging to balance being an upcoming young entrepreneur and a college student?

Trahmon Harris: That’s probably one of the hardest things to be as an entrepreneur and a student because I’d be trying to do a lot, like selling some merch from my clothing brand. I will still be trying to take pictures. I have a YouTube channel, and I post content. I would be busy a lot of the time, but it helped me. The more I am productive, the more I continue to do everything that will be better for me. Hopefully, I won’t have to use this degree or anything, so I could have everything in my own business and then use the resources and knowledge I already have on my clothing brand.

Kiaira: What’s in the future for Forever Chasin?

Trahmon Harris: The future for us, man, is to make the world know about my brand ” Forever Chasin.” This summer, I’m looking at the shirt short sets returning, trying to get some trucker hats and socks. That’s what my plans are for right now, and then, in the Fall, I’m going to drop some different colorways for these hoodies. I could do some limited-time stuff, too, like a limited amount of new design, because I got something. Then, in my five years 10- year plan, I’m trying to have a store, trying to be a manufacturer for, other clothing brands, and trying have events for rappers. Do things for athletes like I’m trying to be able to help everybody out and be at the top, so that’s what we’re trying to do right now we forever chasing.

Kiaira: How did you come up with the name “Forever Chasin?

Trahmon Harris: “Around like covid and stuff, my brother was rapping, and he would like to use it (foreverxchasin). So, I just hit him up and said, ” Bro, we can make this into something and make bigger what it is, and it can help blow up. Like your rap stuff, my other cousin Raps, too, so it was a way to get everybody together. “

Kiaira: Who has influenced you in developing your brand?

Trahmon Harris: “I would say nobody influenced me to create it, but I have people that motivate me while I got it.

Kiaira: What type of goal do you want for your brand?

Trahmon Harris: “I’m trying basically to open like a storefront. Eventually, I want to be in the manufacturing business and make other people’s clothing brands, including shirts, hoodies, etc. I want to be into many different things and add to the photography stuff, too.

Kiaira: How many sell you make per month?

Trahmon Harris: “It kind of fluctuates, so let’s just say it was Black Friday, and I’m going to have way more sales but like, I say at least like 30ish a month, 25 to 30.”

Kiaira: What motivates you to keep pushing when you feel like you’re not doing your best?

Trahmon Harris: “I am not going to lie; I just felt that way today. I feel like I was doing nothing like last week. I don’t know in my mind; I feel like I must outwork people. So, like if I work, keep working. Eventually, my work is going to show. I don’t know; I want it and

like it a lot. I am just pushing myself to do it. I can’t sit around and do nothing, and where I came from, I can’t sit around.

It was a pleasure to interview Trahmon. Trahmon is making a name for himself and guarantees to make his dreams come true. Even though Trahmon has overcome many challenges, he doesn’t manage to give up and keeps pushing to reach his full potential. As a result, several amazing DMV-area apparel designers have made it into the popular mainstream. Young fashion designers are sweeping over the city and making their mark.

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