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Upcoming TV Series “Swarm” … Who is your Favorite Artist?  

Kiaira Wheeler

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Who is your favorite artist? What inspired you to have this obsession with your favorite artist? Does your favorite artist give you life?  Why is your artist better than everyone? There is a new ?T.V series, “Swarm,” a thriller that came out on March 17th. The creator, Donald Glover, and Janine Nabers, shocked everyone with their artistic vision. Actors that starred in the T.,V series included Dominique Fishback, Chole Bailey, Damson Idris, Paris Jackson, Billie Eilish, and many more. Since the show came out this weekend, it has made it to the mainstream media. People are astonished and impressed with Donald Glover’s work in this movie. People have so many questions and thoughts about the new series. 

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Director Donald Glover, known by his stage name “Childish Gambino, is an American actor, comedian, rapper, director, writer, and many more. Donald Glover starred in a Comedy T.V Drama called “Atlanta” Atlanta has been taking place in 2016, and last year was the final season. The T.V series has made so many breakthroughs in the last five years. Donald Glover was also one of the writers from “Atlanta.” Donald Glover has been a big name in the media industry especially begin a writer in some of his films, but his new tv series “Swarm” has made it to the charts, and people are impressed with Donald Glover’s diligence in the T.V series.  

The tv series “Swarm” is about a girl named Dre, played by actor Dominique Fishback. She is obsessed with a celebrity named Ni’jah. She has bought a 1000-dollar ticket to take her and her best friend to go. Unfortunately, something terrible happened to her best friend Marissa, that played (Chole Bailey). It has Dre in a dark place about what happened to her best friend. She promised her best friend that she would find a way to meet their favorite artist Ni’jah. Although, Dre has come across people who don’t like Ni’jah, leading her to harm people who don’t want her as their favorite artist. 

This T.V series shows suspense, cliff- hanger and brutality. This has the audience shaking in their boots, and people want to know if the T.V series is based on an actual event based on true events. At the beginning of the T.V series, on each episode, there would be a title card quote “This not a work of fiction, reads the introductory title card. “Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or true events, is intentional. This T.V series has much connection with some of the real-life characters. For instance, the celebrity Ni’jah in the series represents Beyonce. The killer bees in the T.V series represent the Beehive.  This shows how stars have a fan base that keeps track of what their famous artist is doing and will do anything to defend their favorite artist.  

New York Vulture created an article called “ Swarm Is Not a Work of Fiction “  Janine Nabers, the second creator of the series, went up about her views and vision for her tv series alongside Donald Glover. Janine Nabers notes, “The legal stuff we did was very calculated, purposeful, and thoughtful. If it happens, you can write about it. When things happen in the world, and you’re a public person — legally, we’re not lying. We presented everything: ‘This is not a work of fiction.’ That’s the first thing you see when you look at this show. And it was cleared legally because it is not a work of fiction.”  

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This show not only shows people be head over heels for their favorite artist, but they will risk their or other people’s lives to see them. During the series, Dre created a swarm account with fans keeping tabs on their artist, including music, relationship, and other essentials of their personal life.  

Janine continues quoting, “When you’re making a show about the culture, you have to think about the moments within that two-and-a-half-year time period that, as Black people with music, culturally broke through the noise,” Janine said. The show indicates that people can be very obsessive and don’t notice their demeanor changes. The main character Dre is transitioning into becoming a different person, and her loved ones are seeing the change in her and want her to grow up, but Dre is not ready for the real world. She still feels like a kid inside and feels comfortable connecting with people in the media obsessed with Ni’jah. The Tv series shows a deepening meaning of how the culture has changed tremendously. People are forming groups and debating on social media over who is the best artist. 

While Actor Dominique Fishback played Andrea “Dre “Greene, she had the greatest performance in the tv series “Swarm.” Dominique playing a psychopathic killer has gained the audience’s attention, and the people want to see more. The Hollywood Report published an article, “ Swarm” Boss Janine Nabers Peels Back the Layers of True Crime- Inspired Series and its Antihero “  The article provides an overview of the film and covers how Donald Glover and Janine Nabers chose Dominique to be the lead actor in the television series. Janine Nabers quote, “Dominque was such a big get because we were huge fans of hers. She has been in a lot of stuff; I mean, she was incredible in Judas and the Black Messiah. And so, I was like, “If we’re going to get someone for the pilot, let’s ask this budding movie star.” It would cost us nothing to see if she would want to play this bit of role. And so, when she read it, she gravitated toward the role as Dre — and that was amazing.” 

The article continues stating that Dominique wasn’t initially supposed to get the lead part of “Dre”. Nabers continues by saying how she and Donald wanted Dominique to play the role of Marissa (the sister). She accepts the offer to begin a part of the tv film, but she wants to be the film’s main character, and Donald and Nabers are shocked and amazed that she wants to take the big step of begin the main character.  

A Hollywood reporter interviewed Dominique Fishback; she discussed her experience filming. During her interview, she discussed how filming the tv series episode seven was difficult for her. In the scene, she had to do a murder scene of someone she loves. Dominique had a hard time doing this scene because her character Dre doesn’t have a connection with the people; she killed Dre and has no remorse or emotion for the people she tortured. But the murder scene she did was the person she loved and had a connection with. While Dominique was done during the stage, she came back home, and she began emotionally and mentally drained, which took a toll on her mentally. During the set, she had to talk about her therapist and express her feelings. Dominique, on the other hand, had an outstanding performance, and the audience adored her. Donald Glover and Janine Nabers brought their idea to reality, and people are eager to see more. Don’t forget to watch ” Swarm ” on Amazon Video if you haven’t already. 

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