Epsilon Alpha Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc, New Initiate Presentation

Tamia Gregory

On Sunday, April 2, the Epsilon Alpha chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Incorporated held their New Initiate Presentation in the Memorial Hall gymnasium. This was the first in person new initiate presentation to be held by the Epsilon Alpha chapter in four years.

A line formed, beginning at the gym’s doors and wrapped around the building, comprised of curious and eager onlookers and proud family members, anticipating the commencement of the event. Once the doors opened, the crowd rushed in to secure their seats in the stands. Within moments, each section of the gymnasium was nearly at capacity.

The lights in the gym were turned off as the fifty-three new members sang and entered the middle of the floor, hand in hand, led by the chapter’s president. After all the women were on the gym floor, they locked arms and marched in unison once more before standing in a straight line ready to present themselves.

Spring 23′ Initiates – Photos taken by Tray H.

The newest members of Delta Sigma Theta had their identities disguised behind red and white masks that covered half their face. After sending greetings to other organizations within the National Panhellenic Council, the women relayed information on the sorority in sync before their individual introductions began. One by one their masks were removed before they ran out to announce their names. Then, they stated how they will be known among their sisters and the justification for those names. Cheers from the crowd intensified as the ladies came forth.

After the last member spoke, the ladies sung a special song that demonstrated their pride and love for Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc. Shortly after, other Delta women were called down to celebrate with the fifty-three ladies, and they too sang a song of admiration while standing in a circle hand in hand.

The Hornet congratulates the Spring 2023 line of the Epsilon Alpha chapter of Delta Sigma Theta and extends an extra-special congratulations to our Assistant Editor-in-chief Sabree Primus for entering DeltaLand!

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