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End of an Era: 66th Miss. Delaware State University closes out her reign

Sabree Primus

With campaign season just around the corner, Miss. Delaware State University, Bralyn Page, prepares to pass the torch upon her departure from the Royal Realm. This is an exclusive interview with the 66th Miss. DSU, which serves as a small recap of her remarkable reign.

If you could describe your reign as Miss.DSU in one word what would it be and why?

 In one word, I would describe my reign as Miss DSU as “life-changing.” Years ago, I would’ve never seen myself in the position I’m in now, impacting so many. Coming into DSU I believed college was all about the grades and partying, but I realized it is SO much more to college. It is to get you prepared for post-college professionally, socially, and individually. Miss DSU and the rest of my student leader positions have done that for me. 

What is your most memorable moment as Miss. DSU?

 My most memorable moment as Miss DSU is the coronation. It was a surreal moment to receive my crown, sash, and to see all of the genuine support in the crowd. Seeing my family smile at me from the crowd brought tears to my eyes  because they’re my #1 support system and I would not be here without them. To make them proud is always a priority for me.

As you prepare to close out your reign, what advice would you offer any rising queens?

Advice I would offer to any rising queens is to remember why you ran and never let anything take your heart out of the position. The crown is definitely heavy and there’s a lot more that comes with it than the glitz & glam people see on the outside, but it’s important to remember the people not only depending on you, but that helped you get to this point. Don’t let them down.

How has being Miss. DSU shifted your view on what it means to be a leader?

Miss DSU has shifted my view of what it means to me to be a student leader because I now see that a student leader is way bigger than just a campus leader. There are many students from other schools that look up to me for advice or for motivation, and that shows me how far my impact extends. It is bigger than me and I remind myself of that everyday. 

What are some of the challenges you faced throughout your reign, and how did you overcome them?

Some of the challenges I faced during my reign is balancing my senior year along with it. I thought my senior year would be the easiest, but it is actually the most challenging. Currently, I am taking 2 hard biology electives, applying to grad school, trying to figure out my new MCAT schedule, balancing greek life, along with still trying to be physically and emotionally available for friendships, relationships, and my family. It has been a lot mentally, but I am overcoming it by knowing I am at the finish line and I cannot give up now. Graduation motivates me and everyone around me telling me how proud they are keeps me in good spirits.

If you could do this entire experience all over again, would you do anything differently? If so, why?

If I could do this whole experience over again, I would not do anything differently. I believe during any appearance or community service I give 110% support. I get amazing feedback from any one I encounter. I have inspired many and have helped many along the way. I’m proud of how far I came from freshman year to now. I am thankful for serving as Miss DSU for that.

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