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Lady Hornets Win Senior Night Game

Stephan Browne-Blackman

(Lady Hornets and their team after the winning match / credit: unknown)

On March 3rd, the Lady Hornets lead themselves to victory during the “Senior Night” basketball game! These ladies did not come to play! Right off the bat, it was stiff competition, but the Hornets pulled through.

During the 2nd quarter, we were up by 8 points, 19-11. And by the end of the 2nd quarter, we were 35-21. The shot of the night absolutely has to go to Jessica Martino, 10. Surrounded by Hawks, she shot that ball straight up into the air and it came straight down. Nothing but net! It was so impressive. During the 3rd quarter, Jayla Johnson, 0, made some stellar 2-pointers. And by the 1st time out of 2nd half, we were 37-29. At the end of the 3rd quarter, the Lady Hornets were leading 50-34 and absolutely crushing it!

The star player of this game was hands-down, Savannah Brooks, 23. Though she’s a freshman, she definitely shows that she comes to fight every game and it shows! She’s magnetic on the court!

The Lady Hornets rounded out the 4th quarter with 68-44 lead. It is safe to say the Lady Hornets had this one in the bag!

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