Student at DSU Owns a Business called “Asilis Ancient Healing”

Faith Archibald

Delaware State University student, Chazanda Jackson, and her family, launched Asilis Ancient Healing, a company that sells all natural items. The name “Asilis” means “all natural” in Swahili. 

Her mother, Yolanda Covington, retired from her job as a corrections officer due to liver issues, and her family then launched the business. 

CEO’s Jasmine (left), Ms. Covington (center) and Chazanda Jackson (right)

Antibiotics were advised for Ms. Covington, but they started to make things worse and could have even led to liver failure. 

Covington decided to seek out other options. As a result, through this process, she met Dr. Sebi, an herbalist, who created all-natural medicines using plants and the elements of nature.  

She became inspired to utilize only natural products in her daily life after listening to Dr. Sebi. She began exploring and producing her own items in 2016. 

Then, quickly, a breakthrough occurred. To make use of the new all-natural products, Chazanda Jackson and her family started throwing spa parties at other people’s homes. 

By including full spa experiences with massages, games, food, and the sale of their items, they increased the reality for new customers. 

Chazanda Jackson and her family converted their small business, officially known as Asilis Ancient Healing, into an LLC in 2020.  

Best Selling Product “Nafurahi Body Oil” for $17.00

“We have reached many goals and never thought we would be where we are now with our business,” said Chazanda Jackson.  

Her family’s business started getting the exposure and recognition they desired. They started having pop shops frequently every month and branching out to many cities. They even opened a kiosk store in the Empire Outlets, located in Staten Island, New York.  

For more information you can visit their website at

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