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College is worth the cost

Kourtney Brady

DSU students at graduation

Despite the high costs associated with going to college, it can be worth it for many people. 

You may very well find that your investment pays off in the long run, by allowing you to build a well-paid, successful career. 

You’ll be able to use your growing work experience to secure even better-paid positions, all built on the basis of your college education.

 In this way, paying for college is an investment in your future, and you can expect to see a significant return on that investment that could add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your career.

Not only can a college degree help you get a better job, but it’s also a minimum requirement for many career paths.

If you want to secure virtually any professional position, whether in business, social services, finance, or IT, you’ll need some kind of tertiary qualification.

Going to college gives you much more than a piece of paper. 

You’ll meet a wide range of specialists and future professionals in your field, from your fellow students to your tutors and professors.

The connections you make at college can put you in touch with career opportunities, give you essential career advice, or provide valuable professional references. These contracts could turn out to be future mentors, clients, suppliers, or business partners.

Furthermore, at college, you’ll likely get access to career centers, job fairs, professional clubs, volunteer opportunities, and guidance counselors, all of which can help you to launch your career.

A student at Delaware State stated” College is what you make of it, college can either change you or you change it. “

Another student at Delaware State expressed ” Coming to college was the best decision I ever made, I made the best memories and meet some of my best of friends.”

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  1. Go ahead and get that degree. After you ger employment, inch your way up to a masters degree. That masters will make you glad that you went to college and grad school.

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