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The God Family Induction 2023

Tamia Gregory

In a joint event, Delaware State University’s God Brothers (GB) and Fairy God Sisters (FGS) held an induction ceremony to formally welcome their new members on Sunday, February 26, 2023, at 2 pm in the MLK parlors.

Flyer for the Induction Ceremony

Entering with looped arms and dressed in all black, two God Brothers escorted a Fairy to her seat before making their way to theirs. This continued until each of the new members for either org took their designated spot. In attendance was Amber Ward, the advisor for both GB and FGS, who thanked the inductees for their participation and congratulated them for being involved in the momentous occasion. Also present were Quira Parker and Alexander Hackett, founders of FGS and GB. They spoke about what it took to start these organizations on campus during their time as undergraduate students, and what inspired them to develop these two community-serving organizations.

Alternating from one to the other, the name of a Fairy followed by the name of a God Brother was announced to conduct the process of handing out officiating memorabilia – the Fairies received golden crowns and sashes while the God Brothers received purple ties to represent the organization’s colors. Students’ names, majors, hometowns, and favorite quotes were read out as a photo from their official photoshoot was displayed on the screen to the audience.

Friends and family clapped and cheered, exuding pride and confidence in their loved ones as their names and bios were stated. Then, each current respective president lead their new inductees in the organizations’ pledges, which officially made them brand new members.

Following that process was an award ceremony. This year, each organization awarded both new and existing members for their hard work and contributions – they came early, stayed late, and put forward much effort to push forward the mission of their group. The Fairies awarded the newly inaugurated Sydney G. for being amongst the top three members who raised the most for a fundraiser, and the returning member Kayla A. for being a great helping hand. Chike from the God Brothers was the returning member awarded for his hard work while Darius E., a new inductee, was awarded for his dedication.

Presidents Nasai Oliver and Briana Dicks gave speeches about what it meant to be a God Brother and a Fairy God Sister. Their focus is to give back to the community they live and attend school in, and the people around them, in addition to their peers. It is important to everyone involved to lend a helping hand when and wherever it is possible – or as their motto states – to “help heal a hurting humanity.”

In closing, to express their gratitude, FGS presented flowers to Quira Parker and advisor Amber Ward for believing in their abilities to accomplish goals and for making ends meet where need be.

The Hornet extends a huge congratulations to all the new God Brothers and Fairy God Sisters!

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