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Athletics Recruitment Challenges at HBCUs

Kourtney Brady

HBCUs are less likely to get recruitment  than predominantly white institutions due to funding and lack of resources. 

HBCUs  serve as institutions for higher education, but the athletic departments, especially regarding sports like football and basketball, are losing out on big-time recruits to bigger programs. 

This is a problem for HBCUS  for a number of reasons.  Athletic departments have the capability to attract students to a university, not just student athletes but students come with dollars, something HBCUs are also lacking.

HBCUs lack the funding that PWIs have, and, therefore, lack the resources and amenities that are found at bigger programs.

According to the article,” Historically Black Colleges and Struggles for Athletes of Color.” HBCUS are overlooked because of their lower profiles and do not get enough incentives to compete with white universities. 

Taylor Brown a student athlete at Delaware state stated “It wasn’t about talent, it was about race. It was about a decision that is already made before I even step out on the field.”

Coach E.C. Hill motivating her team.

Shakiya Charles, another student, expressed “ we have to work ten times harder to be in a position to get recognized and that is what HBCU teaches us to always put our best foot forward.”

It definitely takes a lot to bring recruitment to HBCU, especially having to make a prospective list of all athletes to get a shot to be with the big league.

During the college recruiting process, around 800 athletes may make it through the initial evaluation process at smaller programs, while nearly 8,000 prospects may make it to the next step at larger programs.

Through evaluations, reviewing highlight videos and contact with recruits, they slowly start to whittle that number down until they’ve filled their open roster spots.

 In other words, a faculty at Delaware State stated, “HBCUS has a lot to offer any student to be able to thrive academically and athletically, we also push our students harder because we know their potential and what kind of person they’ll be.”

DSU Basket-baller in action (Picture courtesy of DSU Picture gallery).

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