Take a step into DSU’s Step Aerobics class

Christina Spraggins 

       Have you ever wanted a full body workout, that is, cardio heavy and intensive? The Delaware State University Wellness and Recreation center offers a Step Aerobics class every Wednesday from 12:00pm-12:30pm.  

The class is taught by Jordin Williams, who is also the executive director of the wellness and recreation center.  

      Ms. Williams fills her classroom with aerobic steppers for students to utilize during the class. Students who take the class will be completing step routines with a playlist that Ms. Williams herself will present. Students will participate in choreography that includes jumping, arm movements, leg movements, and much more. 

      Poster created by Delaware State University wellness and recreational employees

The instructor, Ms. Williams, allows students to take breaks to drink water from the intense workout she provides. The class takes place in a dance studio room within the wellness and recreational center. 

Williams stated in her recent class that “Step aerobics is basically choreography; it is a full body workout, and it is fun!”. Once students have taken one class, they can continue to build their step aerobics abilities!  

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