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“Manifest Your Future Vision Board” Event at DSU

Kiaira Wheeler

On Thursday, January 26th, Public Relations Interns, Janaan and Kiaira hosted their first event to start the new year called “Manifest Your Future Vision Board.” Janaan and Kiaira are interns for the Office of Student Success, working with Tiffany Alexander (Coordinator of Student Transition).

A vision board is a collage of images and affirmation quotes that you can use to create goals or dreams you want to pursue. It is a way to visualize achieving your goals and objectives.

The goal of the Public Relations Intern is to motivate students to create a vision of their career aspirations. “Ultimately, we would want the students to use their vision board as motivation because it can be hard to doubt what career they want to pursue after graduation,” stated Kiaira. The takeaway for the students is always to pursue their dreams. Instead, it would help the students to create their vision boards to boost their confidence and keep pushing to become successful in the future.

During the event, the opportunity was to hear the students’ career aspirations. Some students wanted to be social workers, trauma psychologists, musicians and many more. It was a fantastic conversation with the students. It showed that students have many goals they want to reach in their future professions, although the classes they take can sometimes be challenging, and it could make students second guess themselves, if they wish to pursue a career. But it’s important to lift each other and help each other connect with the right people who can guide us on the right path.

Two Delaware State University students, Daryn Boden and Janaan-Arie Akinurele, discuss how creating a vision board can significantly impact people’s lives and how building their vision board can help them reach their goals.

Daryn Boden, a senior majoring in kinesiology vision board, explains how he wants to be an artist or a musician. Boden has different goals, such as winning a Grammy, performing, and going to a talk show. Boden also wants to be a human factor engineer. Boden has something stating different databases he will be using throughout my profession.

According to Boden, “I believe people should create their vision board to have an idea they want from themselves in the future and their goals and aspirations. I also think that schools should pursue students to create a vision Board, although teachers shouldn’t make it an assignment because they might change how people do it and how seriously they will take it. My biggest takeaway from attending the Manifest your future event is that I need to look more at what I want to do and pay attention to it more and what I do daily. ‘’

Janaan Akinurele is a senior majoring in Mass Communication with a concentration in advertising. Janaan Akinurele, her vision board, has many things that reference Akinurele of begin a publicist. Akinurele has one photo that says: “my publicist is black.” Akinurele has another one that says CEO because Akinurele wants to have her agency and black women and women of color work for my PR agency. Finally, Akinurele has a photo that says, “I’m qualified for the job I want and more empowering stuff for my future.”

Akinurele said, “People should make a vision board to help plan ideas. We all have dreams and aspirations that we want to achieve. Making one would make it a little better and more accessible to see visually, so when you physically see those changes happening in your life, you can reference them. I believe schools should pursue students to do it, and I think it’s necessary to create one, but if they allow students to do that, there shouldn’t be any rules attached. Let everybody have freedom and do what they want to do it. “

Dakinmurele also stated, “my biggest takeaway is that I can always go back and change it because I’m never going to limit myself. My career is what I want it to be, and I can always create another vision if I have other dreams and aspirations that I want to achieve.”

This event was a great experience expressing others’ career aspirations and realizing that creating a Vision Board is a great way to help students get on the right path. Its essential for schools should pursue students to create a vision board because it’s a way for students to target their goals.. The takeaway from this event is never to be afraid to try different career paths because it’s essential to expand your skills and have other opportunities to be a part of and network with people who can help you put your foot in the door of building your platform.

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