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DSU’s DCCAP Luncheon

Tamia Lamb

Dover, De — Delaware State University’s DCCAP scholarship recipients held a mandatory information session and luncheon on Thursday, January 26th. 

The luncheon was held in parlor C of the Martin Luther King Jr. Student Center. The mandatory assembly was scheduled to be between the hours of 11:00 am and 1:00 pm. 

The information session consisted of a few guests who shed light on different campus resources for the scholarship recipients. 

Photo by: Dr. Travis Sudler
Terry Bankston talking to the DCCAP students

The first guest to talk to the students was Terry Bankston, director of career services. Mr. Bankston’s role is to help aid all Delaware State University’s students, not just the scholarship recipients. Career services assists with resume building, interview prep., and counseling.

Another guest that talked to the DCCAP scholarship recipients was Darlene Ashley, student employment coordinator for DSU. Ashley talked about the benefits of on campus jobs and the federal work study program.          

After receiving information about different opportunities on campus, the students were allowed to feast and socialize among themselves. DSU’s chapter members of the DCCAP scholarship were enlightened and then treated for their hard work throughout the previous semester and a fulfilling start to the new one.                                                                                              

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