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President Allen addresses town hall meeting on sexual assault cases

Kourtney Brady

On Thursday, January 19th, at Delaware State University campus in the EH theater at 6:00 pm, President Allen hosted a town hall meeting to address the severity of the sexual assault cases.

As the night carried on, some of DSU students came forth to express their issues and problems towards the situation at hand. The students told their stories and demanded a change for them to have a peace of mind on campus.

According to President Allen, “action will be taken.” The board of coalition of the university community will be developing sexual assault practices for the entire campus.

Based on the forces of change that were made, President Allen made it clear that he’ll be enhancing and ensuring the safety for students on campus from here on out.

A student at Delaware State expressed: “ I hope President Allen takes the students’ problems more seriously to give his students a safe place to feel comfortable walking on Delaware State grounds.

President Tony Allen and DSU Officials at the town hall meeting

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