DSU Student Opens Hair Store Inside Her Dormitory

Cameryn Dixon

Nylah Artis is a 20 – year entrepreneur who took it upon herself to open a hair store in her dormitory. Her business name is Luxury Beauty Supply Store.

She offers hair products such as braiding hair, hair oil, curling custard for all hair types and many more. 

One of her main goals is to supply Black Owned hair products alongside skincare for people in the black community.

She started her business to help others who may not have excess to a car and wants to bring reasonable prices to those who are less fortunate. This way she is giving back and making it easier for both men and women to get the hair supplies they need.

Luxury Beauty Supply Store Hair Products

Nylah brainstormed and developed a plan back in Fall 2022. With the help of her mother, her plan was set in motion the beginning of January of the following year.

January 21, 2023 was the opening of Luxury Beauty Supply Store. She is located on the main campus of Delaware State University in the building of Tubman-Law on the 3rd floor, room 332A.

She is opened every Saturday from 11am to 5 pm, and takes any small order during the week. She allows four people in at a time.

In case you’re wondering if she’s allowed to do this on campus. According to the RA in Tubman, “she will not be shut down because she is not violating any rules within housing regulations.”

Nylah Artis

Majoring in business marketing and starting a business in college is already a lot for most people let alone a full-time student but for an inspiring sophomore, Nylah Artis, it’s only the beginning. All the way from the city of best universities in the world, high-ranking health institutions, Pennsylvania, Nylah is much more than just a sophomore from Delaware State University she is an uprising entrepreneur in the making.

One person Nylah looks up to is Cardi B. One of the reasons she finds Cardi B to be so influential is because she gives out good advice to young people.

Cardi B said “I am going to give you some advice that a lot of people aren’t going to tell you. … Let me tell you what they don’t tell you in high school when you go to college. If you in college, I don’t give a f— what you are studying, take a business class,” 

“I wanted to take a business class, but I didn’t because I had to take a math class for it and I was like, ‘Oh no, I hate math, I am not going to do it.”

But that is not what she recommends for others: “Always take a business class because sometimes, the career that you study for one day is not going to make you happy and you want to become your own boss, but you cannot be your own boss because you don’t know how to manage a business.”

This very advice is what has driven Nylah to want to pursue her business while still being a full-time college student.

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