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Spring Open House and New Beginnings

Anaya Balkcom

On April 1st, 2023, from 8 am-1 pm, Delaware State University will host a Spring Open
House. This is the moment where prospective students can see whether or not this is the best
place for them.

During this time, the families will be able to speak with personnel to gain a better
insight into this HBCU. According to the Delaware State University website, “Our
knowledgeable admissions counselors will be on hand to meet with you about the admissions
process, scholarship opportunities, and financial aid.”

Not only will students be able to speak with knowledgeable members of the DSU community about their future, but they will also receive the chance to have their admissions questions answered.

According, to Ms.Nunez, an admissions counselor, “I always encourage students to ask
anything they have in mind regarding what they want to major in and to ask about scholarship
opportunities even if they filled out the FAFSA application. Also, ask for scholarships aside from
that and activities on campus so you can get involved with the community” she concluded.

Additionally, Ms. Nunez stated, “If they’re interested in a specific program, I would go
ahead and ask about that program in the open house. It is not so much about the campus itself;
you want to make sure that program is offered at that University.”

Open Houses represent new beginnings and new experiences. Sometimes this can seem
overwhelming or discouraging since students may be stepping out of their comfort zone. When
speaking to alumna Tatiana Scantlebury, class of 2018, she spoke about asking questions geared
toward sustainable practices within the University, stating, “What are some sustainable practices
that the University has implemented to ensure students are prepared to enter into their acquired
careers upon graduating? “

It is important to ask questions about how this University can help you
successfully reach the career of your desire. It is equally important to ask the questions that our
current freshman student, Tiffany Butcher, class of 2026, mentioned, “What meals does the
cafeteria serve on a daily bases? Along with questions pertaining to housing.”

Whether a freshman or a transfer student, starting college experience on an unfamiliar
campus can be difficult. The stress of making new friends, meeting new professors, and living in
a new environment can cause anxiety and confusion. By following some of the suggestions
mentioned in this article, students find themselves eliminating unnecessary stressors, bringing
them closer to the school that fits their needs.

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