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DSU President calls for town hall meeting

Brandon Sherman

(On the left, Chloe Humphrey; on the right, Paul Butler)

President Tony Allen calls for a town hall meeting on Thursday, January 19, 2023, at 6 p.m. in the EH Theater at Delaware State University.  

This town hall meeting will include Dr. Tony Allen, members of the Student Government Association, and Dr. Gwendolyn Scott-Jones, The Executive Director of Delaware State’s Trauma Academy.  

This town hall meeting is in response to the protest students organized on January 18, 2023, outside the public and safety building at Delaware State University.  

Students brought awareness to sex crimes occurring around campus. The students expressed their frustrations on how Delaware State is not doing enough to find and punish predators. Students also claimed that campus security is not taking the allegations seriously.  

One participant said, “this is the same story I heard as a freshman, and things have only gotten worse.” Another participant said, “for us to even come together like that for sexual assault cases on campus is ridiculous, and there should be systems in place so victims can get justice.”

Hopefully, this meeting will be a big step forward for a positive change around campus. 

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