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Protest Against Incidents of Sexual Assault at Delaware State University

Devynne Johnson

(Students gathered in front of the DSU Police Department)

On January 18, Delaware State University students gathered in front of both the Delaware State University Police Department and the Administration building to protest the rising sexual assault incidents on their campuses.

On January 13 at 5 o’clock in the morning, a student living in Tubman Laws Hall was sexually assaulted, as reported in an alert email sent from the Delaware State University Police Department. No further information was provided to the student body. Later that week, on January 16, an email from President Tony Allen came, not addressing the sexual assault that had recently occured, but was in recognition of Martin Luther King Day.

The student body outraged by the silence, staged a peaceful but impassioned protest against the sexual assault cases. The protest began in front of the Delaware State University Police Department and then migrated towards the Administration Building, with handmade signs and personal accounts.

“I live in the Yard’s apartments, and they see more of an issue with having a particular pet, than if someone is being assaulted in those same off campus dorms. We, as students, don’t find out until the next day. They just send out a text message and that’s all we get; we get no other information and it’s scary,” stated Delyah Fleury.

(Right to left: Chloé Humphrey, Delyah Fleury)

Not only students were present during this protest; faculty and staff were also present. DSU Senior Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Dawn Mosley, had this to say: “This shows that our students can come together for a positive cause; it shows the power of unity. That they have the right to speak, and they have the right to look for positive change.”

As the afternoon moved forward and more students found their voice while migrating over to the Administration building. Many students gathered to express their feelings of disrespect, fear, and outrage.

Delaware State University students are demanding answers, and they will come soon, because of the movement that the protest against sexual assault had started. There will be a secondary organization tomorrow at noon where President Tony Allen is expected to be present.

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