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DSU students and faculty return for the Spring, 2023 semester

Dorien Scott

Students and faculty of Delaware State University returned for the Spring, 2023 semester with one major change. After being mainly online or hybrid for the past three years, classrooms are finally opening back up, and they are filling fast, according to academic advisor, Taylor Macintosh.

Students wearing masks on campus

While teachers and staff are still doing their best to maintain a safe learning environment, students seem to have forgotten the severity of the Covid-19 virus. More social gatherings have discouraged social distance policies and masks are seen less and less. 

The dining halls and dormitories no longer require masks and that has caused confusion in the classroom. Carmen Graham, SRA of Tubman Laws, said she no longer “sees the point” of wearing masks only in the classroom if they are not required anywhere else on campus. The students have become comfortable with the risk. “The fear of covid is what kept us wearing masks., ” concluded Carmen Graham.

Del State testing center

According to the DESU website, masks and social distancing will still be required at Delaware State University. The Covid-19 policy document currently states, masks are highly recommended around campus as a precautionary method, but they are mandatory in the classroom.

Students have been in the classroom for a week now, and some have complied with the university’s policy while others have not. According to Dr. Awodiya, he “will always wear a mask, and ask students to wear a mask to prevent the spread of this deadly disease.”

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