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Hornets Beat Coppin State 3-1 in MEAC Championship Volleyball Game

Stephan Browne-Blackman

The Delaware State University women’s volleyball team completely crushed the MEAC championship game on Sunday night. Beating out the Coppin State Eagles 3-1, the Hornets did not come to play a losing game.

The Eagles played a good game but the Hornets were consistently stronger. Throughout the game, it seemed for every point the Eagles got, the Hornets got one, too. That is until halfway through the 2nd set. From then, the Hornets started leaving Coppin State in the dust

Block after block, spike after spike, the Eagles simply couldn’t keep up with the hard play style of the Hornets. But one player in particular absolutely demolished that gym floor. Sydney Lewis, 30, was not on that floor to ‘play games.’ Right at the front, Lewis guarded that net like nobody’s business.

After finishing the 3rd set with a 10-point advantage, the Hornets had shaken Coppin State off their game. And during the 4th set, once the Hornets reached 20 points, there was just no stopping them.

Congratulations on the win Hornets! It is very well deserved!

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