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DSU Mourns Brison Hunter-Chamberlin

Mass Communications Major: Brison Hunter-Chamberlin

The University community mourns with the family of Brison Hunter-Chamberlin, a first-semester freshman and a Mass Communications major from Claymont, Del., who passed away on Sunday, Nov. 13 from injuries suffered in a car accident in Pennsylvania on that same day,
as announced by Mr. Carlos Holmes, the Director of News Services. 
Brison was a resident of Evers Hall and member of the University’s Concert Choir. Dr. Greg McPherson, Director of Concert Choir, said within the 18-year-old freshman’s first few months on campus, Brison had impressed him as “a fine student with the right attitude.” He added that in addition to his talents as a choir vocalist, he was also a writer.
There are no funeral arrangements information at this time, but it will be shared with the campus community once it becomes available.
If any students, staff or faculty are in need of grief counseling, please feel free to contact the University’s Office of Counseling at (302) 857-7381 where counselors are ready to help.

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