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DSU Caribbean Student Association Presents “I Heart CSA Week”

Tamia Gregory

(“I Heart CSA Week” flyer)

            DSU’s Caribbean Student Association held their “I Heart CSA” week from November 7th to the 11th – a week-long lineup of good vibes, good music, and a display of Caribbean pride. Students spent the week celebrating their heritage, getting to know current and prospective members within the organization, and sharing their culture with others who are from different backgrounds.

            To start the week off on a positive note, CSA held an “Aux War” battle against ASA, the African Student Association, on Monday in the lobby of MLK from 6-8. DJs (and students) YoungCEO, Doren, and KofiDaKid went hit for hit, playing popular songs by Caribbean and African artists. The event was intended to emulate the “Verzuz” webcast battles created by producers Timbaland and Swizz Beatz during lockdown in 2020. Music icons faced off with their hottest songs to provide entertainment to viewers when COVID restrictions were put in place for public gatherings. Participants sang and danced in jubilant displays of their cultures for two hours before continuing the party outside the student center for two more.

( CSA vs ASA Aux War)

            Tuesday evening’s event was Game Night, held in the Bank of America building café. Snacks and drinks were provided while students sat in different stations of the café playing Spoons, board games, dominoes, and others. On Wednesday during the Waist Bead Event in the Glass Lounge of MLK, participants created waist beads from yarn, string, or clear cords with beads in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. Students recalled the event being “relaxing,” as it required focus but was not arduous. At times slight frustration entered the room when someone’s beads spilled to the floor, undoing their hard work, but overall, the experience was rather serene.

            On Thursday, CSA hosted a Karaoke Night. When someone selected a song, they were handed the mic to engage their ‘crowd’ in a sing-along to songs that ranged in genres from dancehall, soca, reggae, R&B, rap, and pop. The last official event for I Heart CSA Week was Soca and Paint on Friday in MLK. It was a fun way to express their artistic abilities; everyone was given paint, brushes, and canvases to paint whatever their heart desired in an intimate session. Music played while members created their art, became acquainted with one another, and de-stressed on that cold, rainy Friday afternoon.

(First and second picture: Maya (C/O ’23), Dascha (C/O ’24)

Later that evening, an unofficial Family Dinner was held at DSU Downtown’s Malmberg Hall. The menu included curry shrimp, rice and peas, chicken and shrimp alfredo, jerk chicken, baked macaroni and cheese, cupcakes, banana pudding, and beverages. It was the perfect culmination to conclude the organization’s week because it felt like a true family dinner – some were eating and chatting, some were playing dominoes, some were doing homework, and others were serving food to those who joined the line.

CSA is open to all students, Caribbean or not, who would like to participate in their events and add bring their positivity to the club. For more information, and to stay updated, visit their page @dsu_caribbean.

(Wednesday’s Waist Bead event)

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