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Key Checks in the Courtyards

Tamia Gregory

            On Friday, November 4th between 11am and 4pm, Resident Director for the University Courtyards Lexus Commodore will be performing Key Checks in buildings 5, 6, and 7 to ensure each student received a key to his or her bedroom door.

            Commodore initially reached out to University Courtyard residents in early October to introduce herself as Resident Director and her mission to address the needs of students. This included tasks like helping students obtain missing furniture, assisting with mediations between roommates, and completing Room Condition forms. Mediations would be required as there are no empty rooms remaining for students to move into.

Room condition forms allow for reports on the state in which rooms, facilities, and furniture were found upon move-in. Although typically completed when students move in at the start and end of the semester, the Courtyards were without an RD until early October.

            Starting the week of October 10, the RD went from building to building to test if the keys in the leasing office were able to lock and unlock bedroom doors. Consequently, testing helped determine which rooms remained in need of keys. Students were then notified via email about which keys worked or not within their unit, what spares existed if any, and which keys were not in the office at all. Then, on October 13, 14, and 16, resident assistants conducted Health and Safety Inspections of each unit in the student housing complex. They checked that rooms were clean, free of pets that were not accompanied by proper paperwork, and free of illegal substances. Residents who failed inspections were given 24 hours to correct the problem. Otherwise, they would receive a judicial report.

            To follow up on the issue of missing keys, Commodore sent another email informing students of the upcoming check to ease everyone’s worries about being able to lock doors. Those who live in the Courtyards in buildings 5, 6, or 7 and have yet to receive their keys should listen out for a knock on their door in the next few days.

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