Meet Xamara Coleman, “Miss DESU Radio”

Xamara Coleman “Miss DESU Radio” at the Delaware State University Coronation Ceremony

Interview by Sydnee Fairweather

Xamara Coleman, “Miss DESU Radio,” is an amazing person with a great head on her shoulders. She is a very creative entrepreneur and a hard working college student. Xamara stays active within her school community and is the type of person who will never let rejections or hardships keep her from reaching her goals.

Q: Where were you born and what was your upbringing like?

A:  I was born in Clinton, Maryland and that is in PG County, but I lived half my life in Virginia and the other half in Maryland. I also lived in DC, so I consider myself a dmv girl. I currently reside in Waldorf, Maryland.

Q: Who has been the greatest influence in your life that has impacted the woman you are today? 

A: It is definitely my mom no matter how corny that sounds, because she was a single mom for most of life and she  did a lot of overtime and went forward with her education. She made sure that she got her degree to provide for me and our household and she has a doctorate right now. 

Q: Can you tell us of your education history and what your goals or life ambition was when you were a student in High School/College?

Xamara Coleman

A: I went to North Point high school and graduated may of 2021. I was under the Graphic Communications program because I thought I wanted to be a designer. I now currently go to Delaware State University as a Mass Communication major with a concentration in public Relations and Advertising, aiming to be a copy writer or a pr specialist. 

Q: Can you tell us of your job/education experience prior to what you’re doing now? 

A: Prior to what I am doing now, I was an intern over the Summer and I also did a few regular jobs for money. Also last year during my freshman year,  I served as the Corresponding Secretary for the freshman class. I tried to make sure there were activities and interaction among the freshman class.

Q: What was the most memorable point at that job/school?

A: My most memorable point was when I was accepted to Delaware State University with a scholarship that covered my full tuition. That made me feel like everything that I did in high school was worth something. 

Q: Is this where you thought you’d be five or so years ago? 

A: Definitely not, I thought I would be at an art school somewhere in New York or Georgia, but due to my major change, I decided to go to Delaware State University, and I am happy to be at an HBCU. 

Q:What informed your decision on doing what you’re doing now?

A: I knew I was able to do what I’m doing because of the encouragement of the people around me including my friends and mentors. Also having that gut feeling that I am meant to do more than being a regular student. 

Q: What are your plans for the future?

A: My plan for the future is to get a good internship first, because I am a sophomore and then decide if I want to go into the workforce or go to graduate school. 

Q: What kind of advice would you offer a student, who is undecided on his or her career path? 

A: I would tell them to try everything and don’t let what other people say stop you. Also there is no time limit to success. Take your time to make sure you know what you want to do for the rest of your life.  

Q: How would you describe the state of higher education in America today?

A: I believe that we need to change priorities and make sure that money and greed do not stop people from getting their education. Everyone deserves access to the same education.

Q: Have you ever traveled outside of the United States? Where, and how does life outside compare to that in the US?

A: I have traveled outside of the United States. I went on a tour of France, Germany and Iceland. I noticed that in those countries they definitely prioritize living a good life over a working life, and I really hope America can adopt that type of lifestyle.

Q:What does the future hold for America?

A: I feel like America is digging itself into a hole. America is like a project and it’s not an established country yet and America is like the youngest of most countries. I really do hope that we can come together as a country and find out what’s best to make America a better America. 

Q: Are you interested in politics? If no, why not? What is your take on the state of politics and the future of American democracy?

A: I am interested in politics, but I am not yet hardcore into politics like my grandmother. I think I will be more into politics when I get older and I make it a priority to vote. I also really do hope everyone starts getting to know the type of candidates that will be running.

Q: What are your hobbies or extracurricular activities?

A: My extracurricular activities are everything artsy. I paint and write. I also make jewelry for my business “Junkfrmmars” on Instagram. 

DESU Radio’s Management Team at HBCU Week

Q: How would you describe your philosophy of life? That is, how do you see this life and what principles get you grounded and moving forward? 

A: Definitely taking every day as a new chance to live an even better life and not letting rejection stop me because I’m probably just being saved from something or there may be something better for me. I can’t think negatively and I also take risks, because that’s how I will know what is for me and what is not. 

Q: Let us end this interview with a memorable quote from you. How would you describe yourself to the world? 

Complete the sentence: I am…

A: I am always willing to break down doors for new opportunities and always able to speak my mind on what’s right. 

Thank you Xamara, for taking the time out of your busy schedule and for agreeing to sit with me and answer a few questions that will give the DSU community the opportunity to learn more about you in your own words.

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