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The President Visits DSU

Ariel Hall

This past Friday on October 21, 2022, history was made at Delaware State University. The President of the United States, Joe Biden, made his way to the Education & Humanities theater at 3:15 p.m. to speak about his Student Loan Debt Relief plan.  

(President Joe Biden / Captured by Raven Quander)

Many students, employees, as well as members of the Dover community obtained tickets to be present at this historic moment in DSU history.  

“Being a senior here at DSU I think that this is a very good opportunity to be in college and have the president of the United States visiting your university as well as getting more information about debt relief seeing as I’m graduating this upcoming May,” said senior Zekiah Mackey, who is studying Psychology here at Delaware State.

After waiting in line, getting tickets scanned, and going through security checkpoints, attendees were able to take seats in designated areas while waiting for the President to be introduced. The DSU Drumline gave an amazing performance for the many people waiting.  

The first person to speak was Delaware State University’s own President, Tony Allen.

“When I worked for then Senator Biden, I was always struck by the words he said that resembled his father,” Tony Allen said in a speech prior to President Biden’s.

The next of many guests to speak was congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester, “I’m not sure if he can hear me in the back, but Welcome Home Mr. President; Welcome home,” she stated giving a warm welcome to the POTUS.

After several speeches from multiple guests including Tony Allen, Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester, Senator Tom Carper, and Senator Chris Coons, one of Delaware State University’s own students, Zachary Bernard introduced the President.

“Coming to Delaware State University in 2019 I did not have the funds to live on campus. In my junior year, I was granted the opportunity to become a resident assistant which allowed me to live at school and become more involved with campus life. But President Biden’s Debt Relief plan has given me the liberty to graduate debt free,” said Bernard, a senior Biological Sciences major whose speech was met with a loud applause from the audience. He then went on to introduce the President.  

“You’re probably wondering why I’m here at Del State it’s because you’re an HBCU, you play an important role in creating opportunity and possibilities all across the country,” President Biden stated as he first began to address the audience, as he spoke about what his Student Debt Relief plan would entail.

(Senior Zachary Bernard introduces the President of the United States / Captured by Raven Quander.)

“If you make under $125,000 you can get up to $10,000 knocked off and if you make under $125,000 a year and receive a Pell Grant you can get $20,000 knocked off,” he said speaking on the Debt Relief plan.  

He urges people to apply at, saying that the application takes about five minutes and can be completed through mobile or desktop.

“Republican members of Congress and Republican governors are doing everything they can to deny this relief. As soon as I announced my administration’s plan on student debt, they started attacking me saying all kinds of things,” Biden says speaking on the people who are against his plan, “Their outrage is wrong and is hypocritical.”

He closed out with this message, “You represent the best of us. A generation and your generation will not be ignored. You will not be shunned. You will not be silenced. Just look what happens when you speak out.”

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