Is College Worth The Cost?

By Sydnee Fairweather

Education is an investment, whose return will take a lifetime, but most people will expect an immediate return in college education. This perspective makes college education seem more expensive than it actually is.

Yes, college is worth the cost. College helps students transition into adulthood and prepares them for specialized careers. You are also more likely to receive a good paying  job with a college degree.

If you want to go into a specialized career field and become a teacher, scientist, lawyer or doctor, a certain level of skills and education is required. 

If you work hard and apply the skills you learned in the classroom to your real life, you can make double the amount of money you invested into your future.

College gives you information other people do not have access to and it supplies you with the tools you need to pursue whatever career you want to go into.  You are paying to become qualified for the job you want.

Harvard University YouTube video link “Why college matters”

Some people believe for the quality of college housing and dining, college is too expensive and that an education should not be so costly. It is also argued that you can get your bachelors degree or even your masters degree and still not get a job or make enough money to survive off of. 

Jubilee YouTube video link “Dropouts And Graduates: Is College Worth It? Middle Ground”

Chart from College Pay Off, Education, Occupations, Lifetime Earnings 

Studies show that college graduates consistently outearn individuals without a degree.

Many people believe that when you go to college you are going into debt in hopes of a better future, but the book “College Pay Off, Education, Occupations, Lifetime Earnings” says “All graduate degree holders can expect lifetime earnings at least double that of those with only a high school diploma.” 

The book “College Pay Off, Education, Occupations, Lifetime Earnings” also says that for those with a Master’s degree the typical lifetime earnings are $2.7 million and  for those with Doctoral and Professional degrees may have lifetime earnings of $3.3 million. The higher the qualification the higher the wages.

In college you create relationships and connections you may need in your future. In college you are being exposed to new people and different types of cultures. You also learn how to problem solve, balance your social life and school work. 

In college you are responsible for yourself. Your parents are not there to help you with everything. You have to go to class on time, study, do your assignments, and sometimes work in groups. Southern New Hampshire stated in the article “Top 7 Reasons Why College is Important” that, ”Engaging with your peers through activities like group work or class discussions can be a great way to start a professional network, meet your future partner and make lasting friendships.” College prepares you for the real world. 

College is the difference between a job and a career. 

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