What’s up with King Charles?

Anthony Jackson

King Charles III, the new King of England, is undergoing a lot of stress after recently inheriting the throne from his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II.

King Charles greeting attendees at Queen Elizabeth’s funeral

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth on September 8th, 2022, King Charles made a televised address to the Nation from Buckingham Palace, leading Britain into a period of mourning.

King Charles addressing the United Kingdom

But now, nearly a month after the Queen’s passing and Charles’ inheriting the throne, one question remains: What’s going on with the new King?

The long-standing heir apparent, now made King, has recently been seen with his wife and new Queen, Camilla, in Scotland. The two were greeted by a pipe band, school children, and hundreds coming out to see them.

King Charles and Queen Camilla greeting citizens in Dunfermline

The King has yet to be officially coronated as the new King of England, but according to an article written by Bloomberg, that will change in June 2023, as UK Officials have stated. 

As King, however, there are still duties in which Charles must attend to for the sake of everyone. One such example of this is the climate change conference taking place in Egypt.

King Charles announcing that he will not be attending the Climate Summit

However, Buckingham Palace announced that the King would not be attending this event against the wishes of Egyptian officials that warned the UK to “not backtrack” on the global climate crisis. 

In lighter news, the King has announced his first State Visit to Buckingham Palace, inviting the President of the Republic of South Africa to the UK from November 22nd to November 24th this year. 

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