Career Services Present The 2022 Fall Career Fair

 Kammari Teeter  

Students at the Career Fair

DOVER DE: Delaware State University had its 27th annual career fair on Tuesday September 27th from 9am to 5:30pm. Over 100 companies were in attendance and ready to connect with students. 

The career fair is back and better since Covid has made it more difficult for students to really get that hands on experience, making connections with different companies. Students are excited to be back once again and can truly have that physical interaction. 

The 26th annual career fair was great and helped to get the career services where it is today and get things back up and started since Covid. 

Located in the Matin Luther King Center, students who attended from 9am to 3:30pm did traditional networking, and interviews were held from 4pm to 5:30pm. 

The annual career fair is hosted by career services, and they are here to help students have an easy and smooth transition to what career they want. 

The Eagles at the Career fair

The career fair gives students the opportunity to network and connect with different companies. This is open to all majors and classifications. 

Students are expected to show up in professional attire, and a resume is highly recommended. 

Students have the opportunity for potential internship and job opportunities, networking opportunities, resume building and Linkedin Profile buildups. 

All students are encouraged to go; a student never knows who they will get to connect with. If a student’s classification isn’t represented in the career fair that student can still get internships and jobs in a similar or different field. 

Leah Green, a Mass Communications student here at Delaware State University stated “They usually don’t have anything for my major; however, this year they had so many media companies, and I truly appreciated that. Even though an opportunity doesn’t feel like it’s for you it may work out to be for you.”

Media, stem, accounting, and many more companies were in attendance. The career fair offers opportunities for students in all majors to experience the business aspect of things and get their foot in the door. 

Malachi Smith, a computer science student here at Delaware State University stated, “The career fair was great, not only was I able to get a few items, I got opportunities from companies, and I will be applying to different internships for the summer.”

The career fair is a great way for a students to get experience, and connections to help better a more guaranteed future. 

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